Research Reviewer (contract)

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SIY Global is looking for support reading, analyzing, and recommending research studies that will be used in our Leadership Development programming on the topics related to Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence. We use neuroscientific research and workplace behavioral research to support key claims in our curriculum. Periodically, we seek to update this research with the most current findings in the field.


Key Responsibilities:

Working with the Director of Product Development, this person will:

    • Review the scientific literature currently delivered in the SIY Program to develop a clear understanding of existing research in the program and how the research is leveraged to enhance a learning objective in the curriculum
    • Build upon an existing list of potential replacement studies by sourcing additional current, peer-reviewed research on the various topics of interest
    • Read and analyze research papers and submit replacement recommendations to the Product team



    • Ability to source research articles from reputable, peer-reviewed sources
    • Ability to read and analyze research and evaluate the strength of the methods and outcomes
    • Ability to synthesize key points from research
    • Ability to draw connections between research and SIY curriculum
    • Ability to write coherent research summaries for a non-scientific audience
    • Clear communicator



SIY Global has identified a number of research studies currently cited in our flagship Leadership Development program that need updating, assuming new research is available. The Research Reviewer will be responsible for sourcing new studies to review (along with a list already developed by SIY Global), and then read and analyze these papers to assess which research is a viable replacement. The person should anticipate reading anywhere from new 10-20 studies per replacement study in order to find a potential match. This person will also help to create summaries of the chosen replacement studies that will be used to support the integration of this new research into the curriculum. They will work closely with the Director of Product Development to understand the curriculum needs.


Role Information:

Job Classification: short-term contractor

Anticipated Start Date: As soon as possible (February 2023)

Duration: approximately 1 month

Compensation: $25/hr  (up to $2500)


Application Process

All applications are due by February 24th.

We’re aiming to keep this application process simple. You do not need to submit a full resume or cover letter.

Please provide a 1-page overview of your relevant experience that includes a description of the research you’ve conducted or supported, or the meta-analyses that you’ve conducted or supported, and/or other experience that demonstrates your ability to easily meet the requirements for this position.

We will follow-up with shortlisted candidates for 30-minute interviews starting mid-February.

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