Roxana Sufan

    Roxana has been teaching SIY since 2019 to clients in the corporate pharmaceutical/biotech world, as well as to various non-profit organizations. Having experienced the many… Read More »Roxana Sufan

    Tahira Jamani

      Tahira is a mindfulness facilitator who brings a fresh, youthful spin on mindfulness to make it accessible and relatable to individuals. She loves working with young… Read More »Tahira Jamani

      Laurisa Dill

        Laurisa Dill, M.Ed, RP is a consultant, and former Director of The Mindfulness Clinic in Toronto, Canada. Originally trained as a psychotherapist, she has twenty… Read More »Laurisa Dill

        Lorna Doucet

          Lorna has taught SIY and customized mindfulness-based emotional intelligence programs for business and educational organizations in Asia and North America.  She combines academic rigor with practical… Read More »Lorna Doucet

          Lisa Malinowski

            Lisa Malinowski Kamran (she/her/they) is Mindfulness Educator, Yoga Instructor, Meditation Teacher and Sacred Activist. Lisa considers herself to be an ecocentric being because has always… Read More »Lisa Malinowski

            Annie Simpson

              Annie has been developing the emotional intelligence of university students, corporate professionals and senior leaders for close to 20 years. She currently works with senior… Read More »Annie Simpson