Korea, Republic of

Jinhe Min

    Jinhe is the CEO and Director of Jai Yoga & Meditation, located in Seoul, Korea. Combined with 10 years of corporate experience as an AICPA,… Read More »Jinhe Min

    Jungeun You

      At a young age June began wondering whether there was a way to make people happier. To her, most Korean people looked unhappy and stressful… Read More »Jungeun You

      Paul Jongmin Woo

        Paul Woo has a professional background in medicine and mental healthcare, with focus on building healthier, happier, and more productive organizations and society at large.… Read More »Paul Jongmin Woo

        Heyoung Ahn

          As a Center for Mindfulness-certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher and Executive Director for the MBSR Center for Korea, Heyoung Ahn is committed to spreading… Read More »Heyoung Ahn