Dominik Ley

    After more than 11 years working in the IT sector (Project Manager at IBM among others) and working in different countries, I began my career… Read More »Dominik Ley

    Carles Altes

      Carles is an experienced facilitator in organizational change and executive coach. A PCC ICF Certified coach, specialized in multinational complexe networks development and multicultural management.… Read More »Carles Altes

      El-hoy Doncel

        Eloy (or El-hoy, name with which he feels most identified) is the founder of Conzientemente, a spanish company with international vision, whose mission is to… Read More »El-hoy Doncel

        Carlos Goga

          Carlos works with decision-makers and business leaders at Board of Directors and Steering Committees on how to succeed with digital transformation and the challenges of the XXI… Read More »Carlos Goga