Robbie Fenlon

    Robbie is a performance coach, a workshop facilitator, a mindfulness and emotional intelligence teacher, and a professional mountain guide. Robbie’s purpose is to help people… Read More »Robbie Fenlon

    Claudia Thali

      Working with the brain in mind… As certified neuroscientist, mindfulness coach and university teacher (org. behavior, personal development & leadership) with 12+ years of global… Read More »Claudia Thali

      Michele Telio

        After over 20 years of working in multinational environments, I am passionate about spreading mindfulness into the business world, starting with leaders.  I truly believe… Read More »Michele Telio

        Alissa Witzemann

          Alissa is an occupational psychologist with >6 years work experience in organization and people development. Alissa believes that leadership is the differentiator in today’s world –… Read More »Alissa Witzemann

          Yves Givel

            In his expansive career, Yves has worked in a variety of global human resources and talent management roles and has lived in over 12 different… Read More »Yves Givel