Shifting from Toxic to Thriving

Why Every Team Has Something To Improve and How to Make the Shift

Join us for this free, 60-minute interactive webinar to learn practical strategies to shift to a more human and effective way to work.

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  • March 29 | 9:00am - 10:00am PDT
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Shifting from Toxic to Thriving

    Do you work in a toxic environment? Unfortunately, for millions of people around the world, the answer is a clear yes. For others, the answer may not be so clear.

    Workplaces are generally not either absolutely always “toxic” or “thriving.” Like the humans that make them up, workplace culture is constantly evolving and there is a mixture of experiences. 

    So, how can you identify the characteristics of a toxic work culture? How do you make changes about them?

    We hope you can join us on March 29 from 9am-10am PDT for this free webinar, where we’ll talk about how you can use evidence-based techniques to shift toward thriving—both on the micro and macro levels. 

    During the 60-minute interactive webinar you will learn:

    • A research-based definition of what "toxic" means at work
    • The five evidence-based qualities that make up a toxic workplace
    • The key factors in a thriving workplace
    • Practical, emotionally intelligent ways to address toxicity
    • Human-centered ways to help your team members thrive


    Steph Stern

    Steph Stern

    Steph is a coach and facilitator with a passion for helping people find more fulfillment in their work and lives. Steph works with clients to tackle a variety of problems: building confidence, coping with challenging relationships, working toward a promotion, work-life balance and the big question of what to do with your life.

    Steph believes that coaching individuals and leaders within organizations supports a culture of inclusion and thriving. The inner work of leadership is about knowing yourself, your strengths, limitations and growth areas. Working together, we recognize what strengths you’ve used to get this far and see what patterns need to change. To Steph, leadership is about finding balance: in your work and life, between being caring and challenging, and between confidence and humility.

    Steph was previously Search Inside Yourself's Director of Global Expansion, leading a team to bring mindfulness and emotional intelligence to client organizations around the world, including Google, SAP, Disney, Salesforce, MIT and many others. Prior to this, Steph worked for over a decade on energy and environmental policies and programs in both the public and private sector. Steph holds a masters in city planning from MIT and a bachelors from Wellesley College.

    Steph brings all aspects of herself to coaching, including wisdom and struggles from her own journey, as a leader and non-profit director, years of work experience in the environmental field, and an obsession with personal growth and self-improvement schemes.


    *SIY Certified Teacher
    * Wellcoaches Coaching Certification
    * National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
    * Internal Family Systems Level 1 and Program Assistantship