If I’m not certified, what is my recourse?

    If the Certification Panel determines that you are not ready to be certified they will provide you with:

    • An explanation as to why, including what criteria you did not meet.
    • What they require you to demonstrate to them in order to become certified.
    • Specific guidance and recommendations to help you understand what you can do to improve.

    If you do not receive certification you have the opportunity to repeat Module 6 (i.e. re-submit your materials to the Certification Panel) in three month’s time. The certification panel meets quarterly. This will give you time to continue practicing and improving as a teacher.

    The cost to repeat Module 6 is $500 USD. You may repeat Module 6 once. If you do not receive your certification after the second attempt, and you wish to continue being considered for certification, you will need to repeat Module 4 (the 2nd in-person training session where we focus on practice teaching). The cost to repeat Module 4 is $1,500 USD. Once you have repeated Module 4, you may once again pay $500 to repeat Module 6 and be considered for certification. If you are not certified, you may repeat Module 6 one last time, again at a cost of $500 USD. This is the final opportunity to apply to receive certification. No other recourse is available after this.