What happens between sessions?

    • Budget three to five hours weekly to complete various homework assignments, including reading articles/sections of books and watching videos.
    • Participate in virtual meetings with your pod and a 12-part webinar series with Engage guest faculty members every two weeks.
    • Make time for a daily mindfulness practice (at least 10 minutes, but it may be longer, depending upon your existing practice).
    • Share mindfulness-based emotional intelligence practices with your friends and colleagues to practice using the mindfulness-based emotional intelligence applications, tools and resources we provide you, which include:
      • leading mindful meetings to support greater self-awareness and compassion
      • hosting wisdom circles
      • participating in a one-hour presentation about mindfulness-based emotional intelligence practices and benefits
      • and much more.
    • Explore how mindfulness-based emotional intelligence applies to your inner life through bi-weekly prompts, journaling and self-assessments.