Marketing, Senior Director

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Marketing, Senior Director 

Title: Marketing Senior Director


The Marketing Senior Director is responsible for the development and implementation of SIY Global’s marketing strategy aiming to drive revenue growth and increase brand awareness. This position oversees two employees (team expected to grow within the next year) and a number of contractors around the world. 

The Marketing Senior Director is part of the organization’s leadership team and plays an active role in the development and communication of SIY Global’s overall business strategy. The person in this role represents SIY Global as a thought leader and as a spokesperson at external events, and as an internal certified teacher.  

Key Responsibilities:

  • Leading marketing department:
  • Managing relationships with global vendors, including: creative agency (U.S.), graphic designers (internal), analytics consultant (U.S.), email, media, and public relations agencies & contractors. 
    • Leading operations, data, and technology stack processes to support team productivity. 
    • Managing a small team, focusing on their professional development, and providing support across projects. 


  • Leading SIY Global’s marketing strategy:
    • Setting marketing goals and objectives in support of broader organizational goals. 
    • Liaising with CEO, Product, and Sales to identify annual priorities and OKRs.
    • Creating and communicating quarterly marketing plans based on cross-functional alignment.
    • Collaborating with Finance Director on annual budget allocation and prioritization. Managing annual investment and quarterly profit-and-loss projections. 
    • Directing forecasting, measurement, and reporting of marketing results across marketing channels. Communicating trends and key indicators cross-functionally. 
    • Identifying industry and audience macro-level trends to inform plans.


  • Directing strategy implementation: 
    • Collaborating with Sales team in the deployment of lead generation and conversion efforts to drive revenue growth.
    • Collaborating with Product team in product launches, go-to-market strategies, and collateral development.  
    • Working with team members in the development, management, and optimization of advertising campaigns.
    • Organizing company conferences, trade shows, and other sponsored events.
    • Developing organization’s external narrative and messaging strategy to build brand awareness and credibility.
    • Managing existing marketing channels on an ongoing basis: Website, Email, Social Media, Content Marketing, Paid Search, Paid Ads, SEO, and Public Relations. 
    • Directing the execution of new creative assets for advertising and promotion (video, eBooks, collateral, presentations, press releases, visuals, audio files, etc.).


  • Actively contributing to organizational strategy and external presence 


  • Co-leading development and communication of SIY Global’s overall business strategy, vision, and direction. 
  • Participating in leadership team decision-making, team calibrations, and goal alignment. 
  • Supporting CEO in creation of investor and board of directors communications.
  • Co-leading market research and audience insights generation to inform strategies. 
  • Serving as one of SIY Global’s external speakers, authors, and internal certified teachers. 

Position Outcomes:

The Marketing Director position has a direct impact on building brand awareness, driving audience engagement, and generating revenue growth. Outcomes include: 

  • Revenue generation from marketing efforts, in collaboration with Sales and Product teams. 
  • Stronger brand presence and enhanced brand recognition.
  • Positive marketing team culture that leads to well-being, productivity, and team engagement. 
  • Effective external communications that support investor and client relationships. 
  • Positive user experience across marketing channels.


Current Marketing Director Qualifications:

Education + Certifications: 

  • Preferred degree in Marketing or related field
  • Familiarity or expertise in adult learning, corporate learning & development and/or leadership development, mindfulness, emotional intelligence domains or related fields
  • Google Ads Certification a plus



  • 15+ years of marketing experience
  • Experienced people leader, able to collaborate cross-functionally and across geographies 
  • 4+ years as independent Marketing Instructor


Technical Skills: 

  • Web platforms: Hubspot, Google Search Console, Google Analytics
  • Advertising platforms: Google Search Ads, Google Display Network, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads
  • Other: Mailchimp, Marketo, Canva, InDesign, Adobe Illustrator


Reports to: CEO


  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Content Manager (contract)


Location: Remote