John Puts

    Amsterdam born and Berlin based, John is a facilitator, speaker and coach. He is on a mission to help establish more human centered, purpose driven… Read More »John Puts

    Daniela Gaschler

      Meet Daniela Gaschler, a Mindfulness Professional passionate about well-being and positive work culture. Learner \| Empathy \| Achiever \| Relator \| Intellection are Daniela’s core… Read More »Daniela Gaschler

      Wil Sijben

        MEDITATING SINCE 1976, TEACHING MEDITATION SINCE 1981 Since learning to meditate in 1976 Wil is a strong advocate of using meditation as a practical daily… Read More »Wil Sijben

        Frédérique Charlier

          Throughout her 25+ year career in the financial services industry, holding multiple leadership roles Frederique got passionate about interpersonal relationships. Observing and experimenting how today’s businesses… Read More »Frédérique Charlier

          Simone Heijhoff

            Simone trains in mindfulness, leadership and development of teams and organizations. She works with individuals in coaching programs to optimize both business and private life.… Read More »Simone Heijhoff