Organizational Teacher Training Application

We're excited to know you're interested in applying to our 2023 SIY Organizational Teacher Training program.

Please read the application instructions and qualifications carefully. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us at

We look forward to learning more about you and your organization!

Key Dates:

The program will run from March through August, 2023:

    • Session 1: March 27-30 (4 days of 5-hour sessions)
    • Session 2: June 5-7 (3 days of 5-hour sessions)
    • Session 3: August 21-24 (4 days of 5-hour sessions)
    • Early Bird Admissions end on February 1st
    • Admissions close on February 19th

Application Instructions

  • Language: We request that you complete all parts of the application in English. 
  • Please provide thoughtful yet succinct written responses (e.g, 3 - 5 sentences) for short answer questions. 
  • [optional] You have the option to submit a letter of support from your manager/organization. 

Video: Prepare and record a 2 minute video. Once recorded, have the URL ready to insert in this form. In your video, please answer the following prompt:

Share a significant life experience that was an important 'aha' moment for you. How did it change you? What did you learn?

Take time to reflect on the prompt before recording your video - we encourage you to NOT read from a script but to try and to "speak from the heart" as the video is intended for us to get a sense of you. Please take care to articulate and express your thoughts in no more than 2 minutes.

Share this with us via YouTube or any other site by pasting the URL below. For YouTube, please be sure to go into your "video manager" and set the privacy setting for your video to "unlisted." This will ensure that we can view your video. DO NOT set it to private, we will be unable to watch it. If you're using a video service other than YouTube, you may need to make a similar settings change.

We will review your application and get back to you within 4 weeks. 


When selecting candidates, we aim to consider the whole-person as well as your personal experience with mindfulness practices, your experience as a facilitator, and your desire to have  impact in your organization through these tools and practices.

Overall we highly encourage people with the following qualifications to apply:

  1. You're an employee interested in teaching the Search Inside Yourself program inside your organization.
  2. You're supported by your manager and/or organization to complete the full training (3 live, online sessions + Learning Period) and to teach SIY on a regular basis upon becoming certified.
  3. You have attended (or plan to attend) a full Search Inside Yourself program prior to beginning your teacher certification.
  4. You have an established and consistent mindfulness practice and are committed to deepening this practice.
  5. You have experience facilitating, teaching, or holding space for groups of people, either within or outside of your organization.
  6. You demonstrate integration of mindfulness and emotional intelligence in your life and work, and a desire to have impact in your organization through these tools and practices.
  7. You are English language proficient as the program and SIY materials are in English.

Given that the Search Inside Yourself program is always taught in pairs, we ask that a minimum of two participants per organization apply, unless you already have SIY Certified Teachers within your organization. Each employee can apply separately. If you have a special request related to the number of employees that can apply from your company, please send us an email at

Certification Requirements

Becoming a certified Search Inside Yourself teacher is a wonderful milestone and we look forward to welcoming you to our teacher community.

Please note that acceptance into the 2023  program does not guarantee that you will be certified. In order to successfully complete the program and become a SIY Teacher in your organization, you must: 

  • Fully attend all 3 live, online sessions 
  • Complete required assignments, practice teaching and participate in group meetings during the Learning Period
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the SIY content, skillful facilitation, and authentic embodiment as a teacher, as assessed by the SIY Teacher Competency Model.
  • Complete two [2] practicum programs, which are co-taught with an existing internal Certified Teacher, with a peer from your org who is in the training, or with an external SIY Certified Teacher.