How Emotional Intelligence Helps Teams Thrive

Work is never going back to “normal,” and teams will never be the same. This new era of work presents us all with an opportunity for our teams and our work to be better than before. Some teams have stayed productive and inspired throughout this… Read More »How Emotional Intelligence Helps Teams Thrive

How Building Compassion is Key to Resilience

Resilience is an essential skill that leads us through our challenges allowing us to adapt and thrive within a changing landscape. We’ve all had our share of difficulties over the last few months. The pandemic tested our resilience in various aspects of work and life.… Read More »How Building Compassion is Key to Resilience

Building Trust on Remote Teams

After the drastic pivot to a fully remote workforce in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, many organizations weighed the benefits of maintaining a partial or fully work-from-home model of operation and many, including us here at SIY Global, chose to continue with a remote work… Read More »Building Trust on Remote Teams

How to Be a Great Leader: Stay Human

We all have the ability to influence other people, and are, thus, all leaders in some way. And while leading by example is a known recipe for success, how to combine the actual ingredients for that recipe is often elusive. A huge part of what makes… Read More »How to Be a Great Leader: Stay Human

The Most Needed, but Counter-Intuitive Leadership Skill: Self-Compassion

Let me confess that I was a reluctant convert to self-compassion. Before I really understood it, I thought it was soft, squishy, and something I didn’t need. But a few years ago, my colleague tricked me into reading the book Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff when I’d… Read More »The Most Needed, but Counter-Intuitive Leadership Skill: Self-Compassion

The Power of Resilience

Life these days can be full of challenges both on a global and a personal level. Economic, public health and safety, and even global peace can cause us as individuals to experience challenging emotions on a daily basis. Is it possible to process these difficult… Read More »The Power of Resilience

4 EQ Steps to Find Motivation

Why is it so hard to get motivated some days while other times you easily find a well of inspiration and drive? Self-motivation is essential to achieving our goals both personally and within the context of a team or an organization. Motivation is one of… Read More »4 EQ Steps to Find Motivation

The Art of Recharging

Have you ever felt exhausted by your work, even if you love what you do? Or perhaps you’ve felt like you were swimming upstream overwhelmed at your growing to-do list and facing the limited hours in each day. If you have experienced this, you’re not… Read More »The Art of Recharging

5 Strategies for Burnout

Organizations worldwide face a shared challenge—employee burnout. Burnout is not new—according to an early 2020 Gallup survey, 76% of workers experience burnout, and in 2019, the World Health Organization identified burnout as an “occupational phenomenon,” resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. However, the… Read More »5 Strategies for Burnout