Elaine Nucci

    Elaine Nucci holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences from Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas, a Master of Marketing degree from ESPM and an International… Read More »Elaine Nucci

    Marte Kamzelas

      Marte is a dedicated practitioner and instructor of mindfulness meditation, a certified Search Inside Yourself teacher (through SIYLI), and a yoga instructor (RYT 500). Marte… Read More »Marte Kamzelas

      Dan Vazquez

        Dan fell in love with mindfulness in his early 20s when he was having what people now-a-days call a quarter life crisis. Everything seemed to… Read More »Dan Vazquez

        Abi Olmstead

          Abi’s personal journey led her to attend a silent mindfulness meditation retreat during her early years in college at U.C. Berkeley. She has since been… Read More »Abi Olmstead

          Yumiko Terashima

            While working with people in various business sectors as an interpreter, Yumiko feels passionate about spreading mindfulness and how it helps improve emotional intelligence in… Read More »Yumiko Terashima