Huynh Le

    Huynh is a certified teacher of SIYLI. Corporate clients and professionals appreciated his engaging and inspiring methodology.  He brings in his real work experience to help… Read More »Huynh Le

    Tan Tran

      Since 2005, Tan has worked in various management positions (purchasing supervisor, sales manager, director assistant, vice director, a member of board of trustees, and founder)… Read More »Tan Tran

      Tho Tran

        Tho practices mindfulness for more than 5 years and enjoy great benefits from the practice including of being calm, peaceful and compassionate in his personal and… Read More »Tho Tran

        Jasmine Che

          Mission Statement: I want to share my gifts and wisdom with the world, empowering others to live their truth and do the same. I want… Read More »Jasmine Che

          Tien Luong

            Ms. Luong Ngoc Tien (MBA) is the first Certified Teacher of Search Inside Yourself in Vietnam, the world’s most famous Mindfulness-based EQ for Leadership program.… Read More »Tien Luong