Poonpha Moosirilert

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Bangkok, Thailand, Thailand

Languages Offered

  • English, Thai


Although I was taught meditation from an early age, it was not until much later in life that I was able to start exploring mindfulness practice in depth and incorporate it into my daily life. Amidst demanding work
schedules and health issues, I had first-hand experience as to how these small simple practices could help restore my physical health and mental well-being. This personal and insightful experience inspired me set out to share mindfulness practice in a way that feels relevant, fits our modern busy life, making it sustainable for everyone.

Lawyer by training, I worked full time at a leading international law firm in Bangkok. After the firm closure of its Bangkok office, I decided to pursue a new career in mindfulness, coaching and training, with the goal of creating a positive environment that brings out the best in people, as well as bringing more compassion and empathy into the corporate setting.

I am now based in Bangkok, Thailand, working as a part time legal consultant, mindfulness facilitator and coach. Knowing that mindfulness does not always mean stillness and that movement done right is a good medicine, I am diving deeper to explore mindful movement as a Pilates instructor-in-training. I look forward to sharing these tools that I tried and love with others, so they too can feel inspired and empowered to look after their mind and body, and have the energy to go and create wonderful things for our world.