Stacey Crowley

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Asheville, NC, USA, United States, United States, United States

Languages Offered

  • English


Stacey is passionate about teaching communication practices for healthy relationships and nurturing leadership from the inside out for learners of all ages. As a Search Inside Yourself Certified Teacher, Stacey facilitates mindfulness-based emotional intelligence programs that help participants discover how to lead their lives, teams and classrooms with clarity, connection and compassion. Stacey is particularly dedicated to creating win-win philanthropic partnerships to ensure equitable training opportunities for educators.

Stacey is also the owner of Learning Tree Literacy and is a dually certified speech language pathologist and literacy specialist with 22 years of experience teaching communication, literacy and social emotional learning skills to youth in public and private schools. Her current work combines her fields of expertise with neuroscience, mindfulness and nonviolent communication to teach emotional literacy and peaceful conflict resolution to youth using her narrative-based restorative practice called SHARE. Blending her extensive experience teaching children with her training in [_Mindful Schools_](, and [_The Leader in Me_](, Stacey strives to meet each student where they are to address the needs of the whole child.