Vanda Sousa

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Lisbon, Portugal

Languages Offered

  • English, Portuguese


I am passionate about life and human relationships and I deeply believe that it is possible to create better conditions so that each human being can discover and reveal his best potential and thus, build together a more collaborative and compassionate society.

I started my career as a pharmacist, with the goal of improving people's quality of life and I soonrealized that this required much more than medicines.

During more than 18 years working in multinational pharmaceutical companies, going through different functions in sales, marketing and new business models development, I felt in myself and in my teams many different challenges on balancing professional and personal life, managing time, stress and people.

Being aware that personal and professional well-being is essential for being more effective and efficient on our tasks and for improving the relationship we establish with others and based on the benefits I was feeling from my personal yoga and meditation practice, I started an ongoing process of study, research and practice in this area.

Currently, I dedicate myself fundamentally to two areas that I love: supporting families as a certified facilitator of conscious parenting and through the development and implementation of corporate programs that allow greater business efficiency while taking care of their most precious asset: people.