Ruchika Sikri

    Ruchika led Well Being and Mindfulness Learning Programs & Strategy at Google for 7+ years, where she scaled these programs and communities of practice to 150+ offices and thousands of employees around the world. She currently leads learning and development initiatives in Google Cloud.

    For over 20 years, her daily meditation and yoga practice is grounded in increasing clarity in mind, purity in heart and sincerity in action. She believes these skills are increasingly needed to uplift humanity, build genuine connections and increase respect for our planet. Her goal is to bring secular and science based mindfulness and compassion learning to many organizations and communities globally.

    Ruchika has successfully architected, facilitated and curated several well-being and mindfulness programs for over 120,000 employees at Google.  She helped establish a self-sustaining culture where tens of thousands of Googlers regularly practice mindfulness for better well-being, healthier interpersonal relationships and sustainable high performance.  She leads a passionate community of 350+ employees who volunteer their time to make this reach and impact possible at Google.

    Outside of Google, Ruchika is a board member and advisor to several nonprofits that empower women living in shelters, support mental health of at-risk students and provide a safe home to orphaned children around the world. She also advises the founders of wellness technology and conscious living start-ups.  Ruchika is a mother to 2 loving kids and lives with her wonderful husband in Bay Area California.