perception beyond bias

Shape your worldview, transform your business.

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This program reveals the "Perception Box"—the unseen forces of biases, emotions, and beliefs that filter your experiences and decisions.

In business, unnoticed biases can skew data interpretation, decision-making, and stifle collaborative innovation. Perception Beyond Bias offers a science-backed journey to uncover these hidden filters. Elevate your decision-making, enhance team collaboration, and foster inclusive innovation.

Discover how to master your Perception Box for sharper insights and smarter business outcomes.

practical benefits for leaders

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Emphasizes the transformative impact of understanding and managing biases

More effective relationship building

Trains participants on how to use body-based awareness to understand when biases are present


Starts learners on a journey to better understand and manage biases in the longer term for better performance

"We all live inside an invisible but ever-present mental box — a Perception Box. This box distorts our perceptions of everything and everyone around us. It distorts our ability to understand other people, to see them clearly, to connect with them."
Elizabeth R. Koch, New York Times

how do biases and beliefs affect us at work?


Impair effective decision-making

due to overlooked perspectives or misinterpreted information.

Reduce problem-solving abilities

by limiting the ability to effectively analyze complex situations.
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Hinder innovation and progress

by limiting openness to new ways of thinking.
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Foster poor team dynamics

due to ineffective communication 

program structure


Mid-level leaders and above


3.5 hours

# of learners

25 maximum


In-person live

Virtual classroom

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