How can emotional intelligence training impact key business metrics?

business results powered by emotional intelligence

In a demanding, uncertain climate, you need your teams to be productive, agile, and engaged.

We impact productivity by improving focus, resilience, and motivation

After attending our Search Inside Yourself program....


of participants report that they are able to notice when their attention had wandered, and return it to the present.

vs. 48% pre-program


of participants report that they are able to prioritize what's most important most days.

vs. 48% pre-program


of participants were not habitually checking their phone or email without a clear purpose.

v. 53% pre-program

We build connected teams by improving collaboration, trust, and belonging

After attending our Seach Inside Yourself Program...


of participants report that they are able to find workable solutions to difficult problems.

v. 59% pre-program


of participants report that when in conflict with someone, they take time to fully understand what is driving their perspective.

v. 50% pre-program


of participants report that they are able to let go of negative thoughts once they become aware of them.

v. 48% pre-program

We grow employee engagement by promoting well-being, meaning, and emotional intelligence

After attending our Seach Inside Yourself Program...


of participants report that they use a deliberate technique to calm themselves down when in the middle of a stressful situation.

v. 44% pre-program


of participants report that when faced with a difficult situation, they are able to see the potential opportunities.

v. 55% pre-program


of participants report being able to pause before reacting.

v. 51% pre-program

Our programs enable business transformations.

Is your business looking to work in an agile way? Harvard Business Review notes that "agile does not work without psychological safety."

They go on to explain: "Agile processes and tools provide support, but the central weight-bearing mechanism of the agile approach is not the scrum or the sprint. Rather, it’s the team’s dialogic process — the way team members interact — that ultimately determines success."

"Miscommunication costs companies $37 billion (or $26K per employee) in the US and UK every year."

(Mitchell Communications Group as reported to Salesforce, 2014)

You already know that employee engagement is key to productivity, profitability, innovation, and the good communication that enables it all.

But did you know . . . ?

Only 21% of the global workforce is engaged at work

But did you know . . . ?

Only 21% of the global workforce is engaged at work

Line drawing of a person looking discouraged sitting at a computer

and yet employee engagement is essential to business success because engaged employees are more productive, motivated, and committed to achieving their organization's goals.

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and there are endless challenges that get in the way...

Economic volatility

Economic, political, and social volatility

Employee turnover or absenteeism

Employee turnover and absenteeism

Uncertain macroeconomic environment

Uncertain macroeconomic environment

Graphic of people gatehred around a work presentation

Change--both planned and unplanned

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in this climate, choosing "business as usual" has a high cost...


Voluntary turnover costs US businesses $1 Trillion

Gallup 2019


Disengagement costs 34% of an employee's annual salary



The annual healthcare spending due to workplace burnout is anywhere from $125 billion to $190 billion.

Harvard Business Review 


A survey of 400 companies with 100,000 employees each cited an average loss per company of $62.4 million per year because of inadequate communication to and between employees


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But, there is hope!

By humanizing work through emotional intelligence, companies can improve employee engagement, increase productivity, and build connected teams leading to a more positive work environment, while increasing profitability and shareholder value.


Improve Employee Engagement

By promoting well-being, meaning, and emotional intelligence

Engaged employees show...

Employee absenteeism


lower absenteeism



increase in profitability



increase in customer loyalty & engagement

Person walking out door


decrease in employee turnover

Improve Productivity

By driving resilience, focus, and motivation

Sketch of person working at computer

Highly engaged teams are 18% more productive.

Two people looking at a document

When workers are motivated by meaningful work, the resulting gains in worker productivity add up to over $9,000 per worker, per year. 

Build Connected Teams

By fostering a sense of psychological safety, belonging, and effective collaboration


Teams with high psychological safety are better able to innovate using agile processes. 

Drawing of a board room meeting

In a study of the Royal Navy, researchers found that emotional intelligence (EQ) makes a greater overall contribution to leadership performance than does IQ. 

(Dulewicz et al., 2005)

How do skills learned at our programs translate into abilities at work?


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