intuitive leadership

Unlock the science of Perception Box to make bolder decisions

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Can you strengthen your intuition?

More than 90% of our decisions are influenced by our intuition - or "gut feeling" and other unconscious mental processes. 

That's why intuition is such a powerful tool for leaders to understand and manage.

Designed for mid-senior level leaders, this course is a science-backed journey to help you recognize how your perceptions affect your intuition and how to guide them for better performance.

practical benefits for leaders

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make bold decisions

Harness the power of your intuition to make bold decisions with purpose and confidence.
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remove limiters of performance

Move beyond limiting beliefs about yourself and others to improve performance.
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drive innovation

Improve your ability to see and hear more from other perspectives to drive innovation.
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increase resilience

Reduce stress during change by recognizing and managing your physical and emotional reactions.

Expand your Perception Box

To master your intuition, this course dives into the science of Perception Box, which is the invisible mental box we all have based on beliefs, biases, and personal history that shapes the way we view and experience the world.

By developing body-based awareness, you'll learn how to recognize physical and emotional signs of a contracted Perception Box and work to expand it, enabling you to break through limiting beliefs about yourself and others, become more resilient through change, and improve performance.

Image of a tree with a box in the middle that shows the tree clearly and a larger box around it that shows the rest of the tree unclearly, showing how perception shapes
"We all live inside an invisible but ever-present mental box — a Perception Box. This box distorts our perceptions of everything and everyone around us. It distorts our ability to understand other people, to see them clearly, to connect with them."
Elizabeth R. Koch, New York Times

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Mid-level leaders and above


3.5 hours

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25 maximum


In-person live

Virtual classroom

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