Learn to facilitate and scale crucial emotional intelligence skills trainings in large, enterprise organizations.

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When you learn to teach the renowned Search Inside Yourself program, you'll be empowered to help global companies unlock the power of mindfulness-based emotional intelligence.

Build future-ready organizations that help humans thrive while also increasing agility, productivity, innovation, and employee engagement.


📣 Just announced: Our next Teacher Training of 2024 will run from September - November 2024!

I would highly recommend this program for personal growth and for inspiring a movement that could transform leadership and business performance.

- Teacher Training Participant

Why Train Emotional Intelligence?

Work is never going back to "normal," and teams will never be the same. This new era of work and today's macroeconomic environment present us all with an opportunity for our teams and our work to be better than before.

Cultivating the human-centered skills of emotional intelligence, psychological safety, belonging, and resilience can help to build key skills that lead to innovation, engagement, sustainable well-being, employee retention, and improved performance.

Rich Fernandez, SIY Global CEO, instructing the SIY program

Why Now?

Human-centered skills are no longer optional. Rather, they are critical for organizations seeking the competitive advantage needed to build a thriving organizational culture despite the changing demands of our world.


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This is why we're looking forward to welcoming our next SIY Teacher Training cohort. We know the type of scalable impact each and every participant will have within organizations. For over a decade, we have seen the transformation that can take place when we integrate neuroscience, organizational psychology, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness. 

We know the world needs this transformation more than ever before and we can't wait to meet you and partner with you to make this change possible.

Who is this program for?

Given our mission to scale emotional intelligence within companies, our program has previously been limited to people working within large organizations. However, due to demand for our programming (along with our belief in the urgency of these skills), we are excited to announce that we are expanding the eligibility to join us. Our renowned training is now open to:

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Employees of large organizations who are interested in scaling Search Inside Yourself programming within their companies. Learn more about the benefits for in-company teachers.


Consultants who have a client roster of enterprise-level organizations and would like to offer Search Inside Yourself as a tool to meet business needs. Learn more about the benefits for independent consultants.

What is the SIY Teacher Training like?

Hear from our SIY certified teachers what Teacher Training is like and their favorite part about belonging to the global community of SIY certified teachers. 

"If you get an opportunity to attend a program like this, grab it with both hands."

Deiric McCann, Search Inside Yourself Certified Teacher

About Search Inside Yourself

Originally developed at Google, Search Inside Yourself (SIY) is an emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and leadership curriculum based on neuroscience. 

SIY has been taught in hundreds of organizations around the world, helping to improve skills such as stress management, resilience, empathy, effective leadership and more. Learn about Search Inside Yourself and the results the program has had on thousands of participants.

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After surveying 10,000+ SIY participants in over 20 countries, we are proud of our strong, positive results, including the fact that 93% of participants surveyed would recommend the program.

Key Benefits for Independent Consultants

Enrolling in SIY Global Teacher Training provides you with a comprehensive support framework designed to help you power your business growth.

Business development support

Exclusive Business Development Support

  • Get support for sales calls and consulting projects and access marketing resources and business expansion roadmaps.
  • Receive compelling impact reports to demonstrate program effectiveness to your customers.
  • Increase your revenue with performance-based commissions on SIY Programs that you sell and rely on deal registration to avoid conflicts with other program resellers.
Access to product releases and updates

Access to Ongoing Product Releases and Updates

  • With your certification you have the ability to sell and deliver Search Inside Yourself, Effective Teaming, Adaptive Resilience, Inclusive Innovation, and a range of micro-courses and micro-practices.
  • Receive discounts for onboarding programs designed to give you the confidence you need to deliver new programs as we release them.
  • Access to the latest version of our program materials. SIY Global releases new updates and content on a quarterly basis.
Technology to support and scale your business

Technology and Support to Scale Your Business

  • Get access to, our learning experience platform that can automate the enrollment, scheduling, tracking, and reporting on all programs you deliver to your customers.
  • Upload and deliver your own content to the platform to deliver programs that you create.
  • Potential for having a co-branded platform that you can use to create a branded experience for your business.
  • Access to our teacher network to offer larger projects than you could deliver on your own.
Access our independent consultant network

Join Our Independent Consultant Network

  • Share best practices with other teachers from around the world and ask for support from other top consultants on how to approach different challenges.
  • Participate in teacher events where you receive updates and upskilling, including access to beta releases of our new products.
  • Receive opportunities to deliver programs that are sold by SIY and other independent consultants.

Key Benefits for In-Company Participants

Leverage our time-tested programs to improve company culture and enable business transformation.


For Business Leaders + Organizations

Drive Employee Engagement

Drive Employee Engagement

  • Engaged employees demonstrate lower absenteeism, increased productivity, and drive an increase in customer satisfaction. And yet only 21 percent of the global workforce is engaged at work.
  • Use our science-based programs to build connection, empathy, and psychological safety among employees.
  • Empower your employees to grow their leadership skills.
  • Leverage employee teachers' deep knowledge of your company to enable direct application of the training to challenges facing your employees.
Scale power skills in your company

Scale Crucial Power Skills Sustainably

  • Power skills like resilience, collaboration, and self-awareness are critical to enabling business results like agility, innovation, and productivity.
  • And yet, power skills are challenging to scale efficiently with other methods.
  • Rely on our unique program structure to sustainably transform company culture with emotional intelligence training.
  • Train internal teachers in order to enable cost-effective and company-specific scalability of skills throughout the organization.



For Employee Teachers

Build Your Leadership Skills

Build Your Leadership Skills

  • Take on a leadership role in your organization by training colleagues in mindfulness-based emotional intelligence.
  • Grow your ability to present compellingly and facilitate productive sessions expertly.
  • Be regarded as an expert in how to apply emotional intelligence strategies to key business challenges. 
Deepen your sense of purpose

Deepen Your Sense of Purpose and Community

  • In addition to the skills you contribute to your specific job function, you will enhance your sense of meaning and fulfillment through active participation in the positive cultural transformation within your company.
  • Join a global community of professionals working in top companies to humanize work. You’ll gain access to support, regular program updates, and collaborative relationships with other deeply committed practitioners.


Program Logistics

Program Overview

The Search Inside Yourself (SIY) Teacher Training is a multi-month program that trains professionals who work with or within enterprise organizations to become certified to teach the renowned Search Inside Yourself program.

You'll join live online sessions with a group of employees from other influential organizations.

Our next two cohorts are ready for your application!

Summer Training

  • Session 1: April 22 - 24
  • Session 2: June 24 - 26

    Registration deadline: April 15, 2024

All sessions will be during the following hours:

10am - 3pm ET / 7am - 12pm PT / 4pm - 9pm CET

Autumn Training

  • Session 1: September 9-11
  • Session 2: November 12-14

    Registration Deadline: August 31, 2024

    Timing of the Autumn training is TBD. Check back soon for an update!

Note that attendance at both sessions is required for certification.

Can't make these dates but interested in attending in the future? Fill out the information form, and we'll keep you posted on upcoming dates. 

If you are interested in attending the Search Inside Yourself program prior to the training, register here.

Are you interested in learning more about our 2024 Organizational Teacher training program?

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OTT Pricing

Payment Plans

We are committed to making our programming as accessible as possible. To that end, we offer several payment plan options. 

Klarna: Easily access financing options through Klarna in select countries.

Monthly payment plans: We're happy to work with you to establish a monthly payment plan with no interest. Contact us at for more information. 

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Download our detailed program guide to learn more about:

  • Key dates
  • Curriculum details
  • Tuition and fees
  • Eligibility and pre-requisites 
  • Benefits for participants and their organizations
  • Expected outcomes

We're here to help! Send any questions you may have to

Additional impact resources:

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