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Return on Intelligence Podcast

We are excited to launch season 2 of the ROI podcast in partnership with Absorb LMS with SIY Global CEO, Rich Fernandez as host!

In season 2, we tackle solutions for learning and development team challenges while exploring strategies to equip your employees for the future of work through emotional intelligence. From facilitating learning in the workplace to mastering consumer training best practices, all of our episodes have valuable L&D tips and strategies.





Meet Your host

Rich headshot for newsletterRich Fernandez | Rich Fernandez, Ph.D., is CEO of SIY Global. Rich has dedicated his career to building more purposeful, collaborative, and high-performing workplaces. He’s passionate about using science-based emotional and social intelligence to help enterprise organizations create workplaces where both people and business goals thrive. He has worked in talent development for two decades, drawing on past experience as Head of Executive Education at Google, as well as senior leadership roles at JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and the eBay / PayPal companies. Rich is an internationally recognized author and thought leader in the field of leadership and organizational development. He has published numerous articles and is cited in the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and the New York Times.