SIY Global Partners with Unlikely Collaborators


(November 14, 2022 – San Francisco, California) – Unlikely Collaborators has made a significant monetary investment in SIY Global, kicking-off a partnership that will see the two companies working together in a myriad of ways, including product and curriculum development, teacher training, and content creation.The announcement was made today by Elizabeth R. Koch, Founder, Unlikely Collaborators, and Rich Fernandez, CEO, SIY Global. Koch will have a seat on the Board of Directors of SIY Global.

Earlier this year, the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) launched SIY Global, its for-profit, public benefit corporation subsidiary. SIY Global is a professional education platform harnessing the power of technology and community to enable individuals, teams, and organizations to integrate social and emotional intelligence skills into their work culture. With a community of over 600 certified teachers, it delivers programs across 60 countries and 17 languages.

Founder Elizabeth R. Koch has been developing Unlikely Collaborators for a few years and this year signaled its high-gear kick-off. Unlikely Collaborators is a unique organization that encourages self-investigation through awareness of an individual’s Perception Box™.The organization centers on four main areas of activity: Unlikely Experiences, Unlikely Storytellers, Unlikely Impact, and Unlikely Investments. Built from the material of your beliefs (what you tell yourself and collect from those around you over the course of your life), the Perception Box has the power to distort your reality and leave you feeling isolated, disconnected, and fearful. Unlikely Collaborators offers a myriad of onramps to understand and work with your own Perception Box– all of which include overcoming the limiting beliefs that hold you back, expanding the possibilities of perception, and inviting in new ways of seeing and being seen. 

According to Rich Fernandez, CEO at SIY Global: “Partnering with Unlikely Collaborators is a perfect reflection of where SIY Global is headed. The partnership enables us to harness our mutual focus on neuroscience-based awareness and emotional-intelligence practices and tools, together with a strong global community, in order to create meaningful personal and social change. Having Unlikely Collaborators in our corner will allow us to greatly accelerate our mission to ‘humanize work’ one person, one team, and one organization at a time.”

“Our ultimate goal at Unlikely Collaborators is to help people, communities and organizations recognize the value and impact of self-investigative practices,” added Koch. “We have long been admirers of the work of SIY. It’s clear that our two organizations are mission aligned, and by making this investment, our hope is that SIY Global can continue to bring their proven mindfulness-based emotional intelligence curriculum to companies around the globe.”

Please direct any questions about funding proposals or partnership ideas with SIY Global to; with Unlikely Collaborators to

About Unlikely Collaborators:

Unlikely Collaborations is a start-up founded by Elizabeth R. Koch with an ambitious but attainable mission: to untangle the stories that hold us back (as individuals, communities, nations and humanity at large). By asking sometimes contradictory but always consequential questions, we provoke powerful acceptance of self and others by helping people gain agency over their Perception Box™. While there are millions of ways to create unlikely collaborations, we focus on four, mutually-reinforcing arenas that are aligned with our mission, values, and goal of expanding Perception Box: Unlikely Experiences brings together principles from eastern and western thought, meditation, psychology, and neuroscience to design immersive and introspective in-person and online experiences. Unlikely Storytellers unleashes the potential of human storytelling to help people self-investigate, take on the perspectives of another, and ask difficult but illuminating questions of both creator and the audience. Unlikely Impact supports grassroots organizations of different faiths, values, camps, creeds, coordinates, identities and lived experiences with a common goal of transforming pain into purpose. Unlikely Investments supports founders fostering world-shifting collaborations and entrepreneurs who are radically reimagining emotional health, human potential, and community engagement. 


About SIY Global: 

We’re a global learning community that brings world-class teachers in social and emotional skills to organizations that want to build more engaged, connected, and high-performing workplaces where both people and business can flourish. With a global provider network of over 600 certified, expert facilitators and coaches, we deliver evidence-based digital and in-person transformational learning experiences that make skills and practices sustainable and impactful over time. 


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