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At SIY Global, we are working to make mindfulness and emotional intelligence practical and accessible. We recognize cost prevents many people from being able to attend and are excited to offer need-based scholarships to all of our programs!

In addition to our scholarships for individuals, we have special scholarships available for non-profit and community groups who believe attending our programs would support their work and wish to send a group. If your organization is interested, please send an email to programs@siyglobal.com explaining your organization's mission and how joining this program would support your work.

Thank you for your interest in joining a SIY Global program! Below are answers to common questions related to scholarships.

What criteria does SIY Global use when selecting scholarship recipients?

At SIY Global, we are working to make mindfulness and emotional intelligence practical and accessible. We recognize that cost is a barrier to participation and are happy to offer scholarships to our programs. Scholarships are awarded based on an individual's financial resources and their commitment to integrating what they learn at the program into their life.

I’ve applied, but haven’t heard anything back. How long before a program do you send responses?

If you haven’t yet heard from us, you will soon!  We typically send out an email to let you know if you did or did not receive a scholarship about three weeks before in-person programs start and one week before online programs.

Will you help pay for my travel to an in-person program?

No. Scholarships go towards covering the fees of the program itself, all follow up materials, and any meals at the program (if provided). For in-person programs, we cannot cover the cost of your transportation to our program or any associated accommodation costs.

I want to attend with someone from my organization. Is that possible?

Yes. Please have everyone apply for a scholarship separately and mention in your application why you believe attending together is important.  If you have more than 10 people from your organization who would like to attend and need scholarships, please email programs@siyglobal.com to discuss the possibility of a group scholarship.

Given the demand for scholarships to programs, it is possible that not all members of your group will receive one.

Do you ever offer full scholarships?

We are rarely able to provide full scholarships to programs. Offering partial scholarships enables us to offer scholarships to a greater number of applicants. That said, if you are unable to financially contribute towards the program fee, please share that in your application.

I received a scholarship, but can no longer make it on those program dates. Can I transfer my scholarship to a different program?

No, scholarships are not transferable between programs.  We evaluate applicants to each program based on the pool of applicants to that program. You are more than welcome to submit a new scholarship application for a different program, but receiving a scholarship to one program does not guarantee that you will receive it to a different program.

I received a scholarship, but when I went to purchase a ticket the program was sold out. What happened?

When you receive a scholarship to a program, you are guaranteed the funds to that specific program, but not a seat.  All of our events - both in-person and online -  have a participant cap to support the program experience that cannot be changed.  Occasionally after sending out scholarship letters a program will sell out. Given that, we recommend you purchase your ticket as soon as possible after you receive your scholarship award email.  If your program sold out, you may reapply to a different program.

Can I transfer my scholarship to someone else?

No, your scholarship is just for you.  We receive a large number of scholarship applications and are unable to grant them to everyone who applies.  If you are unable to attend, the scholarship will go to someone else who has applied.

My question was not answered in any of these FAQS. Who do I contact?

If you still have questions, please mail programs@siyglobal.com.

Scholarship Application


Please use this application to apply for a scholarship to one of our upcoming programs. Scholarships are awarded based on an individual's financial resources and their commitment to integrate what they learn in the program into their life.

We believe in the importance of accessibility and award a significant number of scholarships to our programs. That said, SIY Global receives a high number of applications for each program and unfortunately we are not able to accommodate all scholarship requests.

Scholarship funds go only towards the program fees and not additional participant costs like travel for in-person programs.

If the program you are interested in attending is not listed below, then applications have already closed. Please check out our calendar to see if there is another program that would work for you.

Please note that your application is only considered for the specific program that you are applying to: we cannot transfer applications between programs.