Elizabeth R. Koch

    Over the past decade Elizabeth R. Koch has helped found companies in the fields of publishing, media, neuroscience, and transformational experiences. They include: Tiny Blue Dot Foundation, a research foundation that seeks to understand and measure the quantity and quality of consciousness; Catapult, an award-winning publishing company that celebrates extraordinary storytelling; and, most recently, Unlikely Collaborators which creates unlikely collaborations through four areas: Experiences, Storytelling, Investments and Impact. All of Elizabeth’s companies and activities share the same goal of bringing people’s awareness of their Perception Box™.

    “We all live inside an invisible but ever-present mental box—a Perception Box,” she explains.  “Built from the material of your beliefs, the Perception Box has the power to distort your reality and leave you feeling isolated, disconnected, and fearful. By asking sometimes contradictory but always consequential questions, our goal is to show people how to understand and work with their Perception Box—how to overcome the limiting beliefs that hold them back, expand the possibilities of perception, and invite in new ways of seeing and being seen.”

    Elizabeth graduated from Princeton with a BA in English Literature. She earned an MFA in fiction from Syracuse University, where she was advised by George Saunders and won the Joyce Carol Oates Prize for short fiction.