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Welcome to "The Insider," a comprehensive toolkit to help you run and scale Search Inside Yourself in your organization. Take a look at the resources below to Plan, Promote, and Measure your programs.


SIY program guide (2)

Search Inside Yourself Program Guide

If you're interested in reviewing the detailed overview of the Search Inside Yourself program or would like to share it with a colleague, download our new detailed program guide. In this guide you'll find a description of the program modules, suggested agenda, audience details, and other information.

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SIY Global All Programs Guide

Take a look at all of our program offerings to evaluate which will meet your organization's needs. We are happy to work with you to create a custom roadmap based on your desired outcomes. 

TT program guide (2)

SIY Teacher Training Program Guide

If you are interested in sending employees to our SIY Teacher Training, or attending yourself, check out our program guide that gets into the details of the curriculum, time commitment, and business results. 

Mindfulness at Work Toolkit

Mindfulness at Work Toolkit

Check out this resource which includes suggested curriculum, reflection prompts, and guided practices that will support you as you begin a mindfulness practice group at your organization.


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Promote your SIY Program Toolkit

Get the word out about your upcoming SIY program with email templates, explainer imagery, instant messenger copy, and other resources.


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Search Inside Yourself Impact Report

We surveyed Search Inside Yourself program participants before and after the program, collecting data from 14,000+ global program participants in over 20 countries. The results confirm the positive impact the program has on mindfulness, emotional intelligence, resilience, stress management, empathy, and many more dimensions.

Other Resources

Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness at Work eBook

Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness at Work eBook

In this eBook you will find the latest research conducted by SIY Global and experts around the impact of emotional intelligence and mindfulness on four key organizational trends:

1. Why current levels of stress and burnout are costly and unsustainable.
2. How connection and belonging in a (more) disconnected world are essential for team performance.
3. The emerging demands for human-centered leadership.
4. The need for resilience and agility to innovate and adapt.

eBook Build an AI-Powered, People-Centric Workplace v.2

Build an AI-powered people-centric workplace eBook

The ebook highlights the importance of blending AI with human-centric skills like empathy and creativity, illustrated by case studies from major corporations. It discusses the necessity of psychological safety and diverse thinking, including neurodiversity, in fostering innovative and empathetic teams. Emotional intelligence is presented as crucial in an AI-driven world for enhancing interactions, making unbiased decisions, and building trust. It addresses the challenge of diminishing trust in leaders due to AI, suggesting strategies for trust-building and optimistic coexistence with AI. Additionally, it offers guidance on preparing for the AI evolution with agile learning and practical resources for implementing a successful business transformation.

selct employees for SIY TT

How to choose a cohort for the organizational teacher training

This guide will support you in curating a cohort of employees to attend the SIY organizational teacher training. Look at a list of diverse personas that can increase your impact and help you scale SIY in your organization.