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You may want to include extra information in your promotions to make sure your colleagues understand the benefits of taking the SIY program. Below are some graphics you can include in your communications if you find it supportive. Right-click and save to download to your computer. 

Unique skills acquired through the SIY program include:
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some takeaways that I can expect from this training?

You will walk away with tangible skills that you can use to address the real challenges you’re facing. Some examples include increasing your ability to:

  • - Skillfully focus, even with multiple competing priorities.
  • - Listen more effectively to diverse perspectives, fostering inclusion and innovation.
  • - Manage stress in a way that improves resilience and performance.
  • - Use challenging situations as catalysts for positive change.
  • - Set big goals (in line with our team’s objectives) and reach them.
  • - Find creative solutions to complex problems through increased focus and keen listening skills.
  • - Build trust and cooperation on cross-functional teams.
  • - Bring out the best in others through skillful communication.
  • - Meet challenging conversations with openness and care, leading to team-building.
  • - Manage conflict with skill and courage, fostering psychological safety


What's the difference between emotional intelligence skills and basic social skills?

Emotional intelligence includes an advanced skill set that trains the best leaders in the world on how to build trust, increase psychological safety, retain the best talent, and develop innovative solutions for the new world of work.

Will I have to discuss my private feelings with others at my workplace?

During the SIY training, you will never be forced to divulge anything you don't want to. The program focuses on actionable techniques and useful self-reflection rather than self-disclosure.

Is mindfulness religious or spiritual?

Mindfulness includes a secular set of skills and practices with a robust research basis. SIY is an evidence-based training that does not require the suspension of rational thought or any particular belief system.

What does emotional intelligence have to do with productivity and output?

Sustainable productivity and output in the new world of work require skilled communication, focus, and an engaged workforce. A study out of Yale (2020) found that “among employees with supervisors showing little emotional intelligence, 70 percent of their feelings about work were negative.”