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Materials for IM Channels (such as Slack)


Suggested use: If your company has an internal messaging system, here are some suggested ways to reach out via Slack or a similar platform. This option works even better if your company has a channel dedicated to professional development.

Chose a one-time posting or a five-day challenge. Adapt the text to fit your voice and company. 

Internal Champion IM

Option A: One-Time Posting

suggested copy

Hi @channel! Dropping in here to let you know about a mindfulness-based leadership training that I’m bringing to <COMPANY> on <DATE/TIME> at <LOCATION.> Please see the attached invitation and don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions. Thanks and have a great day!

Client Marketing Internal Slack Campaign

Option B: Five-Day Campaign

Below is our 5-day Mindful Leader challenge, post these on the appropriate channel (or create your own!) one day at a time to engage your colleagues and get them excited about the SIY program. Copy the messaging in the left-hand column and right-click on each image to download.


Hi @channel! As you may know, I’m passionate about mindfulness and emotional intelligence at work. To that end, I’m bringing a training called Search Inside Yourself (SIY) to <COMPANY> on <DATE/TIME>, and it’s open to <WHO IS INVITED>. 

To give you a taste of the program, I’m running a 5-Day Mindful Leader Challenge next week on Slack. Don’t worry; it won’t be too challenging 🙂 Rather, I’ll offer daily prompts and micropractices to reflect on how we can bring more emotional intelligence to our work. If you’d like to join, please let me know, and I’ll add you to the Slack channel for the challenge.

Welcome to the Mindful Leader Challenge

Day 1

Take a moment and call to mind someone you consider to be a great leader. Grab a sticky note or a piece of paper and list three qualities that this leader brings. Throughout the day, take a look at this list and notice if any of those qualities are present in your day. Comment and share what you wrote if you’d like!

Day 1 Mindful Leader Challenge

Day 2

Think mindfulness has to take a ton of time? Let’s experiment today. Before one of your meetings or tasks, set a timer for one minute. In that time, take a moment to close your eyes and breathe and consider the question, "What's most important right now?" Notice how you feel after the minute is complete. Share your thoughts in the comments if you want.

Day 2 Mindful Leader Challenge

Day 3

Time for a poll! What is your favorite way to take a break and refresh in the middle of the workday? Do you like to go out into nature? Hug a furry friend? Get a cup of tea? Connect with a coworker or friend? Share your favorite in the comments, and let us know if you did it today!

Day 3 Mindful Leader Challenge

Day 4

Emotional intelligence (EI) can sometimes be perceived as a “fluffy” or soft skill, but research shows that it is correlated with resilience. Today we consider what helps us to be resilient when things are tough. You can journal about your experience, ponder it for a moment, or share your thoughts here. 

If you’re interested in building EI skills, remember that I’m bringing an SIY training on <DAY/TIME> to <COMPANY>, and you’re invited! Reach out to me to register or with questions.

Day 4 Mindful Leader Challenge

Day 5

Congratulations! You completed 5 days of mindful reflection! This might seem like a small thing, but small steps add up and ultimately improve our workplace. 

As a final prompt today, take a moment to consider someone at work you’re grateful for. Bonus points if you send them a quick note of appreciation!

I’m grateful for all of your participation in this 5-day challenge. If you liked doing these exercises, I know you’ll love the SIY program. You can sign up by <STEPS TO SIGN UP> and reach out to me with any questions.

Day 5 Mindful Leader Challenge