Try the science-based emotional intelligence training first developed at Google. Join us online for Search Inside Yourself on October 18.

the full SIY program suite

All live programs can be offered online or in-person.

Build leadership capacity. Our core program was originally developed at Google by a team of engineers, neuroscientists, and experts in organizational psychology. Learn more about Search Inside Yourself>>>

Cultivate individual and team resilience. This program builds the capacity to be productive, resourceful, and creative while dealing with changing circumstances or adversity. Learn more about Adaptive Resilience>>>

Fast-track the path to a high-performing team. This training optimizes team performance by building skills to increase psychological safety, collaboration, trust, and inclusion. Learn more about Effective Teaming>>>

On-demand courses to improve your leadership skills in 10 minutes. Spot and prevent burnout, lead hybrid teams effectively, and much more.  Learn more about Micro-courses>>>

Trust Opportunity Leadership Retreat

Increase Leadership Trust. In this immersive retreat experience, senior leaders learn how to create high levels of trust with their employees by being aware of what gets in the way of trust and instead learn how to lead authentically and purposefully. Connect with a member of our team to learn more about the Trust Opportunity Retreat>>>

Inclusive design tools for agile collaboration and innovation. Develop the skill to facilitate design thinking session that harness the power of diverse teams.  Learn more about Inclusive Innovation>>>

Scale emotional intelligence company-wide. Learn how to scale crucial emotional intelligence skills and help humanize work, transform company culture, spark innovation, and enhance collaboration. Learn more about Teacher Training>>>

Keynote talks

Introductory talks for company events. Select from a wide range of inspiring and interactive introductory talks. Our keynotes offer a practical and experiential introduction to mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Perfect for your team, offsite, or all-hands event. Contact us to schedule your event >>>

Not sure which program is right for your company? Let's explore what would best meet your needs.