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the trust opportunity

A leadership retreat focused on building higher levels of leadership trust in order to empower your most important business initiatives.


Leadership Trust Retreat

Today's leaders must be capable of enabling enormous business transformations (including AI adoption, agile transformation, and rapid innovation). 

The speed and success of these major initiatives hinges on trust in their driving leaders. The most trusted leaders empower transformation by mobilizing employees with exceptional communication, vision, and purpose. As AI integrates into the workforce, trust becomes even more challenging and more crucial. 

And yet, Gallup reports that only 20% of employees strongly agree that they trust the leadership of their organization. This can negatively impact business outcomes, especially in terms of speed and cost. 

Herein lies an opportunity for forward-thinking businesses to gain a competitive advantage in a tumultuous business environment. 

Elevate your leadership capabilities with The Trust Opportunity, our two-day retreat rooted in cutting-edge neuroscience and cognitive science research on trust. 

  • Understand why leadership trust is so challenging now, and why the challenge will get even greater in the future.
  • Create awareness of the beliefs and biases that are having a negative impact on your leadership's ability to create higher levels of trust.
  • Connect your team members and employees with a shared purpose that fuels engagement.


Your team will leave equipped with vital, immediately applicable skills to build and sustain trust in today's demanding environment. 

practical benefits for your team

Team trust drawing

Learn a repeatable, science-based, trust-building formula

Collaboration and engagement

Maximize emotional intelligence for effective organizational change


Empower high employee engagement and team performance

Lightbulb drawing

Enhance self-awareness and bolster positive mental habits with neuroscience

research on leadership trust reveals an opportunity

If you're a leader responsible for organizational change initiatives, you know that a lack of trust can quickly lead to tremendous resistance to change, ineffective communication, and strategic failures. Despite its importance, research shows that most people do not have trust in leadership. Therefore, the leaders who are able to quickly and effectively establish trust not only have a competitive advantage but also improve the experience of their team members. 

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"Your ability to build trust has a profound effect on business results because trust affects two measurable outcomes: speed and cost. When trust goes down (in a relationship, on a team, in an organization, or with a partner or customer), speed goes down and cost goes up." Harvard Business Review

program structure


Leaders at any level


2 days

# of learners

40 maximum


In-person live

Virtual classroom

what your team will experience

expertly guided, powerful practices for deep transformation and alignment

Your team will be expertly guided through highly interactive practices that will help build the capacity for inspirational leadership. Practices will empower your team to:

  • Deepen self-awareness.
  • Understand your perceptions and their role in shaping your decisions.
  • Increase the ability to be present and grounded in the moment, even in difficult circumstances. 
  • Reflect on how to communicate authentically and with vulnerability.
  • Become cohesive as a leadership team, supporting each other to empower the company's biggest initiatives. 
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