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Promote SIY Within Your Organization

Welcome! We’re so excited that you’re bringing a Search Inside Yourself (SIY) program to your organization.

Your company is as unique as the members that make up your workforce. With that in mind, we’ve gathered some options for promoting SIY programs within your organization. Choose the tone and components that suit your communication style and organization best, and customize the language as needed.

Teach SIY at Your Company

Suggested Promotional Schedule

We suggest you start promoting your SIY program 12 weeks before the program. Don't worry if you're already past that date; you can adjust this schedule according to your needs. To download the promotional schedule, right-click, save, and keep it on your desktop to stay on track!

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Planning steps before promoting:

  1. Select versions of Emails #1, #2, and #3 that will be most impactful for your audience.
  2. Customize the templates as needed and save to send later
  3. {optional} Identify other channels for program announcement and promotion.

(1) Slack, Yammer, or another IM platform
(2) a company or department newsletter,
(3) a virtual or in-person announcement board
(4) A few minutes at a company, department, or affinity group meeting.

Email Templates

Copy, Customize + Send

Perhaps the simplest way to get the word out about the SIY program is by sending a series of emails to your target audience. The email sequence should guide the readers in their learning about what SIY is and what real-life benefits they can expect from joining the program.

Below you'll find a suggested 3-part email campaign. For each of the three emails, there are multiple options so you can choose the tone that's most appropriate to your voice and company.

Copy and paste the text, add information where you see < >, customize how you'd like, and send away!

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