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Integration Coaching

amplify the impact of your SIY Global program

Our new Integration Coaching offers 1:1 sessions designed to support participants in further applying what they have learned in our programs to support their day-to-day work, and solidify the practice in their day to day lives.

Coaching impacts not only the individual but also the organization as a whole. The International Society for Performance Improvement states that coaching has a 221% return on investment.

Integration Coaching is right for your team if:

  • You're interested in further amplifying the impact of your SIY Global program.
  • Your organization values its talent and is looking for a way to recognize and support their development
  • You want your organization's SIY Global participants to further elevate their own leadership skills so they can be role models and change makers within your organization.
  • Increase team effectiveness through an ability to create psychological safety so team members feel seen,
    heard, and feel a sense of belonging

our first group is invitation-only.

and you're invited.

Invite your employees to join our by-invitation-only, beta-testing group by reaching out to your SIY Global Engagement Manager.

As a trusted partner and client, we would love to share this opportunity with you first. We value your feedback and would like to extend a 25% discount to join us in our coaching program.

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