Emotionally Invested: 5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Care About Emotions

While executives typically acknowledge the people side of strategy, they rarely talk about managing the underlying emotions that make it harder for people to perform at their peak. Consider that the pace of change accelerated 184% in the last four years, according to Accenture. Meanwhile, the success rate for transformation efforts is dropping, with only 30% reaching targets. And despite training programs and change management methods, stress, burnout, and disengagement are rising. The question is, why is it all going downhill?

Watch the recording of our webinar with Ryan Heinl, global head of product at SIY Global, for an engaging conversation on the business case for emotional intelligence.

You'll learn:

  • Five of the top trends driving the importance of emotional intelligence at work
  • The impact of AI on emotional intelligence
  • Alternative approaches to developing emotional intelligence to improve effectiveness


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