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Introduction to the Trust Opportunity

A Half-Day Leadership Retreat, Online

Join us for a special half-day introduction to our latest training

The success of significant organizational change initiatives requires trust in the leaders who drive them. Drawing on the latest neuro and cognitive science on trust, this half-day retreat equips leaders with essential skills needed to establish and maintain trust amidst the pressing challenges of today. The practical and interactive retreat design enables leaders to explore opportunities to strengthen trust in the decisions they make and foster greater trust within their companies and teams.

This exclusive, half-day retreat is an introduction to our newest program: The Trust Opportunity: A Leadership Retreat. This retreat is an immersive experience designed for either intact or dispersed leadership teams to learn effective strategies to deepen trust among their teams in order to drive business objectives. 

Friday, April 12, 2024

8:00 am - 12:00 pm PDT

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Program Language: English

This half-day retreat will help you:

  • Learn a science-based formula to deepen trust among your team members in a way that empowers high employee engagement and team performance. 
  • Learn how to approach organizational change with emotional intelligence in order to more quickly and effectively reach business goals. 
  • Deepen self-awareness of the mental processes, beliefs, and biases that influence your perceptions and actions.
  • Learn how you can leverage neuroscience to strengthen the mental habits that are helpful and change the ones that get in the way of your goals and purpose. 




A leadership retreat focused on achieving business objectives through higher levels of leadership trust and employee engagement.

why focus on leadership trust?

If you're a leader responsible for organizational change initiatives, you know that a lack of trust can quickly lead to tremendous resistance to change, ineffective communication, and strategic failures. Despite the importance of trust in leadership, research shows that most people do not have trust in leadership. Therefore, the leaders who are able to quickly and effectively establish trust not only have a competitive advantage but also improve the experience of their team members. 

At the height of the pandemic, trust in leadership was at an all-time high and it has since declined. What can this teach us about how trust works in organizations? This half-day retreat will share the latest research and contextualize it in a way that makes it practical and actionable. 

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