inclusive innovation

Learn to harness the power of diverse teams to deliver impactful solutions for your toughest business challenges.

Group to teammates collaborating

Integrating team members with various viewpoints, backgrounds, and experiences can result in breakthrough performance and exceptionally innovative solutions. However, these different perspectives can also introduce considerable communication challenges, possibly hindering the pace and quality of work.

In our Inclusive Innovation training, leaders learn the key to harnessing the power of team diversity to solve problems quickly with cross-functional alignment. You'll learn the power of including more voices, while relying on a systematic, repeatable design thinking process to generate creative solutions quickly.

practical benefits for diverse teams

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Harness diverse perspectives

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Gain cross-functional alignment quickly to make informed decisions


Solve complex problems rapidly with innovative solutions

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Learn systematic, repeatable design tools and structure

When do diverse teams perform better? When they have psychological safety.

Graph illustrating how psychological safety is the key factor in diverse team performance

why inclusive innovation works

The unique training combines agile design thinking frameworks with practical emotional intelligence-based tools from Effective Teaming to help leaders quickly create innovative solutions to business problems.

Team brainstorming on a whiteboard

Design Thinking

A systematic set of tools to help teams solve problems creatively and efficiently.

Work team gathered around a table problem-solving

Effective Teaming

A science-based framework to create an inclusive, high-trust, and psychologically safe team environment. 

program structure


Individual contributors



3 - 3.5 hours

# of learners

50 maximum


In-person live

Virtual classroom

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