[Webinar Video] Delivering and Measuring the Impact of Global Mindfulness Programs in Organizations with Peter Bostelmann

Peter Bostelmann, Chief Mindfulness Officer and Head of the Global Mindfulness Practice at SAP, shares an in-depth look at the elements it takes to successfully build, scale and measure the impact of mindfulness programs in a global organization.

Watch the webinar recording below:

Peter and his team at SAP are world leaders in providing mindfulness solutions to their employees and customers, as well as providing thought leadership to build the field of mindfulness in organizations. SAP’s Global Mindfulness Practice is also a key partner of the Search Inside Yourself leadership institute, and insights from their collaborations will also be discussed.

About Peter Bostelmann:

Peter Bostelmann is Chief Mindfulness Officer and founder of SAP’s Global Mindfulness Practice. Under his leadership mindfulness-based training’s and support structures for lasting cultural change have been piloted, refined, and are being offered to all SAP employees globally. Peter initiated the foundation for the lasting success of this practice by building a passionate community of teachers and ambassadors. Peter is an Integral Leadership Coach and trained as an Industrial Engineer. He brings more than 20 years of leadership experience in international business to his current efforts in bringing mindfulness programs to scale at global organizations.