SIY Half-day Program: What's Next


Congratulations on completing the SIY Half-day program! Below are some resources that we think will be helpful as you begin applying what you've learned.


Post-Program Resources

Program Slides:


Guided Meditations


Try these short guided meditations (dedicated practices) and integrated practices to apply some of what you learned in the SIY Half-day program:

Dedicated Practice: Three Mindful Breaths 

Integrated Practice: Before eating your next meal today, complete another ‘Three Mindful Breaths’ practice.

Dedicated Practice: 2 Minutes of Mindful Breathing

Integrated Practice: During a transition time today (e.g. between meetings at work, just before entering your house, just before going to bed), pause and take three mindful breaths.

Dedicated Practice: Wishing Ourselves and Others Well

Integrated Practice: When you see the next person you will interact with today, take a moment to say in your mind, “I wish for you to be happy” as you greet them.  Repeat this as many times as you remember to do so today.

Dedicated Practice: Focused Attention     

Integrated Practice: Try a mindful listening practice today.  In your next conversation or meeting, practice putting all of your attention on the person(s) with whom you are speaking.


General Resources


Download an App
There are many wonderful apps that can help you develop a daily mindfulness practice. Many have guided meditations, timers with bells, ways to track your progress and other materials to help you get started. Here are a few to check out:

Read on

If you haven’t already read the book Search Inside Yourselfwe certainly recommend it!

In addition, here are a few other books we think you'll enjoy:


Learn More and Stay Connected


We'd love to stay connected with you as you continue your journey! Here are a few ways to keep the conversation going:


With Your Community & Coworkers


Join a group
There are many ways to practice mindfulness and we encourage you to explore options near you (e.g. local zen center, yoga studio or other spiritual traditions).

Organize a group

There are many things that you and your community or colleagues can try out as a group. Some ideas are:

  • Hold a regular sit where you colleagues come together for 10-20 minute practice period
  • Organize mindful lunches which colleagues are invited to eat together in silence
  • Create a book club. 

The sky's the limit here! Find something that resonates with you and your companions.

Organize a Mindful Lunch

"When walking, walk. When eating, eat." -Zen Proverb.

Practicing mindfulness while eating is a wonderful opportunity to eat with all of your senses and to cultivate mindfulness as part of a daily activity. Not every meal needs to be eaten in complete silence, even just taking a moment at the beginning of a meal or during a bite can help bring attention and appreciation to the meal and the moment. Eating mindfully also helps with digestion, and helps you stop eating when you are full rather than over-eating.

The idea is simple: get a group of people together for an intentional lunch. Maybe start with one or two minutes of silent eating, or try having the whole lunch in silence.

Here are a few more resources to get you started: