Sam Javelosa

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Phoenix, AZ, USA

Languages Offered

  • English


Sam Javelosa is a mindfulness practitioner, professional trainer and business leader focused on optimizing individual, leader and team performance and well being through mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

As a business leader,  Sam has successfully coached individuals and leaders to achieve focus, build resilience, manage stress, and increase their ability to transform their lives and others.

Sam has led Search Inside Yourself,  Emotional Intelligence, and other leadership programs to engineers, lawyers, executives, business leaders and professionals in the U.S., India and Germany.

Sam brings insight and practices from decades of inner work on Eastern and Western wisdom traditions. He has over 30 years in senior roles in organizations including UTC Aerospace Systems, Abbott Laboratories, U.S. Peace Corps and working for justice and peace.  Sam is also a certified teacher in Inclusion/Diversity and Action Learning. Sam has a Masters in Management from the Asian Institute of Management. Sam is Managing Director, Neuro Transformation Institute.